Mexican Fire-Leg

Brachypelma boehmei

Typical adult female Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola porteri) shown feeding on a locust

This is a mid-sized, terrestrial, new world species from Mexico, and is a very commonly kept species due to their bold colouration. This species tends to flick urticating hairs more than other Brachypelma species in my experience, but this may just be down to the individual spider. This species possesses a mild venom and mildly irritating hairs, meaning that when combined with its often-mild temperament this is another good beginner species. Handling is not recommended, as this can lead to injury to either you or the spider, and should be done only when necessary.

Basic Care

Tank design for a typical new world, terrestrial tarantula

This species is very easy to care for, providing some basic needs are met, as outlined in the general information section. The tank should ideally be around two to three times the leg-span of the spider in either direction, with the height being kept low due to this being a terrestrial species. The substrate should consist of one to two inches of coconut coir or another suitable substrate, with a hide placed that can completely encompass the spider and a water bowl present. This species can fast for periods of time, but food should be offered once every week or two, with an item of prey roughly the size of the abdomen of the spider.


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