Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how this website uses and collects data from your computer using cookies, and how this information is used to improve the user experience. If you are still unsure about any part of this policy after reading the following information, please feel free to contact me using the details provided on the about me page.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer by a website as you browse, and are often used by pages to store details about your visit to the page, and are often used to improve the user experience through making web pages more interactive and intuitive. They are also used for data collection, with this often being anonymous and often being used for improvement of the site from a development perspective.

This site uses third party cookies provided by google to utilise the google analytics service, which collect anonymous data from your browser to allow the author of this page to improve our site over time by tailoring it to our user’s needs. This site also utilises Google's custom search feature, with this collecting anonymous browsing data in a similar fashion to the analytics feature used by this site.


Although this website aims to be as accurate as possible I highly recommend sourcing information as widely as possible, with a lot of this information coming from personal experience, and as such we cannot take responsibility for how this information is used. Some of the images used in this site may show tarantulas being handled through methods such as pinch grabbing, with this only being used due to the fact it is often the only way of getting a clear view of the underneath of the spider. This site does not promote handling for leisure, as this can put the spider at risk, and methods such as pinch grabbing should only be attempted by very experienced keepers, and as such I cannot take responsibility for any injuries caused by irresponsible care or handling. If you do see any errors in the information present please feel free to get in contact, as I am always looking to improve this site.