Species List

The species list of this page includes the tarantula species that we have information about divided into sub-family and genera, with a small photograph acting as the link to the species page. There is also a small introduction to the species alongside the species name and common name, but if you have any further queries please try using the search engine provided or feel free to contact me using the information provided on the about author page.



Brazillian White Knee (A.geniculata)

Large species native to South America, with striking white and black colouration.


Mexican Fire-Leg (B.boehmei)

Mexican species with orange colouration on the legs, often kept due to their bright colouration and ease of care.

Mexican Red Knee (B.hamorii)

Commonly kept species from Mexico, Attractive species with bold orange and black colouration and a heavy body.


Chilean Rose NCF (G.porteri)

Commonly kept species native to Chile, often a beginner species due to their attractive colouration and hardiness.

Chilean Rose RCF (G.rosea)

Red colour form of the Chilean Rose, another very common beginner species.