image of the author of this page, Warren Smith

Warren Smith

Third year biology student

Currently living and attending university in Swansea, with my predominant hobbies being web development alongside keeping a collection of carnivorous plants and exotic animals. My experience with tarantulas began around midway through college, when I became interested and purchased a small male Acanthoscurria geniculata, and since then I have kept a variety of species, including Theraphosa stirmi, and also have experience with several other groups of exotic animals and carnivorous plants.

I started this website in an effort to improve my web development skills while doing something I enjoy, and also in the hope that it will raise awareness of keeping tarantulas as a hobby, and also provide a means of education about this often misunderstood group of organisms. I also intend to promote conservation efforts and responsible breeding practices wherever possible, in the hope that this fascinating group of animals can be enjoyed by future generations.


I would like to say thank you to all the friends and family that have encouraged me to develop this sort of skill and for making this site possible, and would like to say thank you to Swansea University and their staff for providing several of the resources and support for this site, and allowing me and my strange hobbies to stay on their campus. I would also like to thank anybody that has either helped me collect photographs for this site or helped me by testing the page while in development, as this site would not have been at all possible without the help I have recieved. I would also like to thank Infected Mushroom and Technimatic, for providing the soundtrack to the development of this site.

For further enquiries and other information please contact me at: